install Smokeping di Windows

23 09 2010

Ngikutin Tutorial dari

is the new way to go for Smokeping under Windows

1) smokewhat?

Smokeping(link) is a nice latency measurement tool, unfortunately it WAS only available for linux/unix…but after the jump, you’ll find how to make it work under Microsoft Windows!

SmokePing is a deluxe latency measurement tool. It can measure, store and display latency, latency distribution and packet loss. SmokePing uses RRDtool to maintain a longterm data-store and to draw pretty graphs, giving up to the minute information on the state of each network connection.

2) What you need

Perl (choose Perl MSI package for Windows)
Yeah Perl is cool and you can have a lot of fun using it

RRDs module for Perl
This version works for sure, but feel free to download the latest

fping for windows (thanks to Michael Parson)

This version works for sure, but feel free to download the latest

– a text editor
There’s a lot of text editors out there… personally, I like pspad

– a web server
Feel free to download, install, configure apache with cgi yourself, or use WAMP (the one I use), or whatever bundled apache/cgi/php/mysql version you want

3) What you do not need

– Money
all listed softwares are (at least) freeware

– A (linux/unix)-running computer
yeah dude, windows rulez da w0rld

4) “Installation”

– Install Activestate Perl
– Install RRDtool for windows (unzip, and launch install.cmd)
– Unzip smokeping to C:\smokeping-2.0.8
– Unzip fping for windows (make sure cygwin1.dll is in the same folder) to C:\smokeping-2.0.8\fping
– Install WAMP to C:\wamp

5) Modifications

a) rename
C:\smokeping-2.0.8\bin\smokeping.dist into
C:\smokeping-2.0.8\bin\tSmoke.dist into

b) edit
C:\smokeping- 2.0.8\bin\
add (after line 5): use lib qw(C:\smokeping-2.0.8\lib);
change (line 9): Smokeping::main(“etc/config.dist”); into Smokeping::main(“C:/smokeping-2.0.8/etc/config.dist”);

change (line 63): my $cfgfile = “etc/config.dist”; into my $cfgfile = “C:\smokeping-2.0.8\etc\config.dist”;

C:\smokeping- 2.0.8\lib\
change (line 14): use Sys::Syslog qw(:DEFAULT setlogsock); into #use Sys::Syslog qw(:DEFAULT setlogsock);
change (line 21): $ENV{LC_NUMERIC}=’C’; into #$ENV{LC_NUMERIC}=’C’;
change (line 22): POSIX::setlocale(&POSIX::LC_NUMERIC,””); into #POSIX::setlocale(&POSIX::LC_NUMERIC,””);
change (line 2984): daemonize_me $cfg->{General}{piddir}.”/”; into #daemonize_me $cfg->{General}{piddir}.”/”;

change (line 515): ScriptAlias /cgi-bin/ “C:/wamp/Apache2/cgi-bin/” into ScriptAlias /cgi-bin/ “c:/wamp/cgi/”
change (line 521): <Directory “C:/wamp/Apache2/cgi-bin/”> into <Directory “c:/wamp/cgi”>

c) move and rename
– Create folder c:\wamp\cgi
C:\smokeping-2.0.8\htdocs\smokeping.cgi.dist to c:\wamp\cgi\

d) edit
change (line 1): #!/usr/sepp/bin/speedy -w into #!C:/Perl/bin/perl.exe -w
change (line 5): use lib qw(/home/oetiker/data/projects/AADJ-smokeping/dist/lib); into use lib qw(C:\smokeping-2.0.8\lib);
change (line 10): Smokeping::cgi(“/home/oetiker/data/projects/AADJ-smokeping/dist/etc/config”); into Smokeping::cgi(“C:/smokeping-2.0.8/etc/config.dist”);

6) Configuration

– Create folders:
C:\smokeping- 2.0.8\var

– edit configuration file ( C:\smokeping- 2.0.8\etc\config.dist ) no line number here use search function instead :p

owner =
contact =
mailhost =
#sendmail = /usr/lib/sendmail < == Comment this line
imgcache = C:/wamp/www/simg
imgurl = ../simg
datadir = \smokeping-2.0.8/var # designate implicitly c:\smokeping-2.0.8\var
piddir = C:/smokeping-2.0.8/var
cgiurl =
smokemail = C:/smokeping-2.0.8/etc/smokemail.dist
tmail = C:/smokeping-2.0.8/etc/tmail.dist

# syslogfacility = local0 < = Comment this line!!!!

*** Alerts ***
to =
from =

template = C:/smokeping-2.0.8/etc/basepage.html.dist

+ FPing
binary = C:/smokeping-2.0.8/fping/fping.exe

title =
remark =

# google is for demonstrational purpose only; please refer to smokeping help to set your own targets

+ Google

menu = Google
title =Google Connectivity
alerts = bigloss,someloss,startloss
host =

7) Test it!

– open a cmd.exe window, and type C:\smokeping-2.0.8\bin\

Ok, no weird error messages (if not, please check 5-a, 5-b and 6 again)

– let it run for 10-15 min and try to open

Ok, no error messages again (if not: for cgi error check 5-b, 5-c, 5-d and 6 again and 5-d and 6 for RRD errors)
(note the 2 buggy images bottom left, we will fix this later)

Now close the cmd.exe windows (a little bit rebel)

Tested! Its Work

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